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What sort of clothes should I/we wear

Whatever you want, bearing in mind how you expect the results to look of course - it's no good turning up in jeans and a tee-shirt and expecting a formal portrait!

If there are several of you, you might want to give some thought to complementing each others style and colour.
Children can usually wear brighter more casual clothes than adults.

Why don't you like taking photos of children under 5 in the afternoon?

Because years of experience have shown that younger children tend to "go off" in the afternoon - it can be quite difficult enough getting a good photo of a youngster, without them being tired and irritable.

Any special points about bringing children to the studio?

Try and ensure they have had a good nights rest. Please don't turn up half an hour early for the appointment - you will probably have to wait for the sitting before yours to finish, and sitting in our shop for half an hour is as good a way as any of turning a well behaved happy child into a bored irritable child. With the obvious result when we get him/her into the studio.

Can I bring in a change of clothes?

Certainly. However, bear in mind that a change of outfit means extra photographs. If you book a basic 10-6x4 Portrait Sitting and turn up with a couple of changes of costume the extra outfits will involve many extra photos and the Portrait Sitting will have to be upgraded to something more appropriate, such as the 20-6x4 Portrait Package, with an increase in cost.

Please let us know your intentions in this respect at the time of booking so we can advise you of the most appropriate Portrait Package.

Do you offer "Makeover Portraits"?

No. Demand is not sufficient - we only get 2-3 enquiries per year, though we often take photos of customers who have previously spent several hundred pounds on "Makeover" photos and, believe it or not, aren't happy with the results because "they don't look a bit like me"...

Our usual advice is to get a hair stylist/makeup specialist to give you the full treatment (many of these professionals advertise their services to brides via the Wedding section of the Yellow Pages) and have one of our standard Portrait Packages.

Do you offer "Home Portraits"?

Generally speaking, no. We feel that the results attainable in our air-conditioned studio, with studio flash lighting and professional backdrops, are far superior to those available in the average domestic environment.

Having said that, if you are set on having portrait photos taken at home, of if it is unavoidable for any reason, we can come to your home and take portraits. However, the minimum cost would be £50, which is our standard starting charge for off site photographic services.

Do you offer "Portfolio Photography"?

Yes. We don't have standard packages for this type of photography as individual requirements vary so much.
As several changes of costume are invariably required, involving a large number of photos and considerable time we generally advise shooting on a "roll of film" basis at a rate of £50 per roll. The photos are them printed to 6x4 and the customer chooses which shots to enlarge to appropriate size (usually 8x6 or 10x8) prints for inclusion in their portfolio.

How much notice do you need to book a Portrait Sitting?

That would depend on what time of year you are trying to book for, and which day of the week.

Saturdays are always our busiest day. Sometimes during the Summer, because of the pressure of Wedding bookings, you may not be able to obtain a Saturday Portrait Sitting booking for several weeks.

From October to December we tend to be very busy all week with customers requiring portrait photos as Christmas gifts. During this period you may have to wait 7-10 days for a vacant slot on a weekday - Saturdays will be longer.

Generally the best advice is not to leave things until the last minute, we always do our best to fit customers in, but sometimes it isn't possible without a couple of weeks notice, especially if you have a limited choice of times/days.

What should I do if I can't keep an appointment?

Call us as soon as you realise you can't keep the appointment and let us know. Sometimes we can fit someone into the vacant slot at short notice. We'll be happy to re-book you whenever convenient. And we really do appreciate our customers keeping us informed in this way, especially at the busier times of the year.

Why don't you offer Portrait Packages including enlargements?

Fairytale Photos has always had a policy of offering value for money, in both wedding or portrait photography. We feel that allowing the customer the freedom to choose to buy as much or as little as they want actually helps keep costs down and gives the customer complete freedom of choice - and we know our work is good enough to sell itself, without us tying you into complicated and expensive package "deals" involving minimum order levels.

How can I order reprints or enlargements?

Orders should be made on the forms supplied (download a printable PDF order form), either at our shop or by post (Address), accompanied by full payment in cash or by cheque supported by a valid guarantee card only. Fairytale Photos does not accept telephone orders, nor do we accept Credit or Debit cards.

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